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Got an Idea? Pitch Proper!

We turn ideas from around the world into viable businesses that make a difference.

Our passion is to help people turn their ideas into viable businesses with our effective process and dedicated team.

Our services are tailor made to fit each and every clients needs based on their current status and objectives.

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Create - Develop Idea

We help form ideas in the best way possible to make sure they have the correct structure, business models and elements needed to be viable.

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Promote - Test Market

We test the target market with a minimum viable product to measure results and gather critical data from experiments and testing.

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Analyze - Measure Results

Once we have promoted the product we need to make sure we are measuring the results based on key performing indicators.

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Scale - Your Business

Once we have created, promoted and analyzed the minimum viable product it is now time to scale the business, seek investment if needed, and refine the product to become a more evolved product that is constantly adapting towards the needs of the clients it serves.

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We are dedicated to helping you evolve & scale your idea.

Work with our professional team to help you structure your idea. 1. Create the minimum viable product, 2. Test it on a selected market and 3. Analyze the results to help evolve and scale your idea into a sustainable and viable business that can help the world.


Apply today with our easy application process & one of our account specialists will be in touch with you shortly to discuss how we can help.


One of our professional team members will speak to you further to understand your idea and review your needs.


Once we have a clear understanding of your idea we will get a proposal from the review board after analyzing the idea.

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Steve Jobs had the idea to revolutionize the personal computer

Create your idea?

Give your idea the presentation it deserves.

An idea will always remain an idea until you give it structure, and then take the necessary steps to see it come to fruition. We help make sure entrepreneurs of every level have the best chance for thier idea to become a viable and sustainable business.

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Stand a better chance to succeed

Apply today and get a free consultation from one of our account specialists.
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How we approach an idea.

The Business Model Canvas, is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that we use for each idea we help develop. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model needed to help create viable and sustainable business ideas..

Build better ideas better business models.

We can help you build a better business model for your idea that will work, and add value propositions that sell.


Many people have ideas but not many actually are able to structure their ideas into viable working business models.


We help you design your idea into the right structure needed to give your idea the best chance to succeed.


We constantly try and improve the model based on feedback and metrics from testing the idea on the targeted audience.

Turn your idea into a reality.

We follow a simple and effective process that can possibly turn any idea into a viable business.

We have developed our tailor made process to be able to work with any idea. We make sure to offer our clients all of the essential tools needed to possibly turn an idea into a viable and sustainable business.

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Mark Zuckerberg had the idea to give people the power to share

Create your idea?
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Larry Page & Sergey Brin had the idea to organize the world's information

Create your idea?

You're in good hands.

Our senior team is here to guide you through the process that will empower your idea for the best chances to succeed.

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Gal Ron - Head of Strategy

With over 3 decades of experience in Marketing and Sales as well as having led marketing teams in some of the largest brands in the world.

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John Lewis - Head of Operations

John commands years of experience in online marketing and possesses a vast of knowledge of both online and traditional marketing techniques.

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Renos Demetriou - Head of Creative

As a recognized board member of the ADCE (Art Directors Club of Europe), Renos with his years of experience, directs the company’s creative output.

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You're in good company

Turn your idea into a reality together with us
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Got an idea?
Pitch Proper!

“When I started I did not understand or follow a process with my startup and it failed. I then found Pitch Proper and they not only made me understand the right process and steps to succeed but also helped me along the way produce the deliverables needed to make my second startup a success. Thank you Pitch Proper"

— Andrew Nicholas, ThinkCRM
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The questions we answer within the process

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Problem & Solution
Market Size & Marketing
Business Model
Unique Advantages
Team Members
Traction & Projections
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  • “Look no further - PP helped turn my idea into a reality - Thanks Pitch Proper!”


    — Vanessa Stewart, ThinkCRM

  • “PitchProper is by far the best way to start developing your idea. The team is great and I'm totally satisfied.”


    — Helen Stewart, StylistUp

  • “I told PitchProper my idea and they turned it into a functional MVP now I’m getting funding”


    — Will Saul, CertifiedTrading

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