Work Samples

View just some of the work we have done for our customers below.

Pitch Proper Logos


Our designers take pride in every brand identity they create. Your logo, colors, fonts and designs should pop. We’re all about the popping.


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Pitch Proper Videos


Investors and consumers have goldfish attention spans. Wake them up with motion graphic or live footage explainer videos. Our videos inspire and engage your audience and most importantly … convert business.


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Pitch Proper Decks


A pitch deck is your ultimate investor persuasion tool. Get it right and kerching! Get it wrong and its beans on toast for you next year. We know how to prepare winning pitch decks, sales presentations and landing pages. These little marketing gems are sure to convert your investors and customers.


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Pitch Proper Funnels


Your website is not just a website it is a funnel for pitching. Yup that’s right each and every idea, project and business will have a conversion funnel that will end up aiming to generate leads, sales, prospects, bookings etc. We help first identity the best funnel and customer journey and then to create the website in order to generate the most impact for your business.


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